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DTC Photo Contest for 2016 Directory

General Rules and FAQ

Here’s what we are looking for from your photos:

  • JPEG format. If your file ends in ".jpg" or ".jpeg" then it's probably a JPEG.
  • You must be the photographer. Please don’t upload photos you didn’t take!
  • More megapixels is better. It takes a lot of pixels to print a photo on our cover, so the more pixels we have to work with, better the chance we can use your photo.
  • Under 10 MB in file size.
  • We accept photographs only. We are not currently taking other art forms such as drawings and paintings.
  • Photos must be in electronic form. We cannot accept printed photos at this time.
  • Photos must be suitable for directory cover display.
  • Photos with added boarders or text will not be accepted. We will take care of the layout.
  • There is no limit on the number of photos you can submit. However, please use judgment and submit only quality photos.
  • DTC employees and their immediate family can participate, but no cash prize will be available.

Basically we are looking for good, quality photos that we can use on our directory cover. Don’t worry about editing your photos, we will take care of any editing. Just set your camera on its highest setting and send us those pictures.

Starting Date: July 15, 2015 we will begin accepting photo submissions
Ending Date: November 1, 2015 is the last day to submit photos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a photo directory cover worthy?
Here are some things to take into consideration when submitting a photo for the directory cover:

• We have to put logos and other text on the directory cover as well. It is easier to place this information when it does not have to compete with super busy backgrounds.

• Bright colorful pictures tend to work best. We generally lean towards pictures that have blue sky or water in them.

• Pictures taken vertically generally layout better. Our directory is 10 inches tall or 3300 pixels in height.

• Photos need to be at least 200 dpi.

There is no specific thing we can tell you to take a cover winning photo. Just remember to ask yourself “How would this look on a directory cover” before submitting a photo and above all have fun!

If my photo is not chosen for the directory cover, will you use it for anything else?
We get so many great photos that it is hard to choose just one winner. DTC may feature your photo in the yellow pages and also in some other advertising media.

Should I contact you to see if I won?
We will contact you if you are the winner. Be sure to double check your contact information before you submit your photo. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive we will not be able to contact every individual who submits a photo.