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myDTC Comments

Larry K. Henry
DTC is owned and operated by local people and its investors are its customers. DTC employees always act like they're your neighbor and like your problem is theirs. Customer service is delivered as promised and the quality of the product is surpassed by none. I'm not ashamed to invest in its services because an investment in DTC is an investment in my future. Thank you, DTC!
Michael Merritt
Good service!
Bridget Jones
Excellent customer service, willing to go out of their way to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied.
Roy Merriman
Great service,DTC now offers all the services I need bundled together. I've had DTC phone services for over twenty years and would not consider any other provider.
Leah Snow
We absolutely love our DTC TV. We love being able to see our local events and weather and still get all the channels that we watched when we had "the dish"! :o)
Carol Green
Because it makes paying the bill much handier. I also like the new upgraded version of the DTC TV. I really like having it all in one bundle.
Esther M Ogg
I'm proud to say its myDTC because it has great service, great people. It keeps me up-to-date and entertained.
Dean Estes
They always give good service and are really courteous when you call and always help with any problem you have.
Melinda Willoughby
All I have to do is pick up the phone and call DTC with any problem or question I might have. I get to speak to a LIVE person who is working within 30 minutes of my workplace and home.
I can now call DTC, myDTC totally. I have just received my DSL and I love it. I don't have to wait all day doing one job. I also have wireless service from DTC and I will be getting my DTC TV service next week. The service at myDTC is great. When you call you get an actual person and not some automated machine. I am thankful for the friendly service and I appreciate each staff member of myDTC. Rose Lea Brush Creek, TN
Brush Creek
Shirley Mathis
We have had DTC for many years now and wouldn't think of giving it up. They have always been there for us, and is always informative of any question that I may ask.Thank you DTC
Betty Hedgecoth
All I can say is I had trouble with my phone, it was all most time to close on a Friday but the DTC worker came out any way and fixed my phone. Now tell me what other phone company would do as DTC did?
Janice Ballard
Everyone is always friendly and helpful. We've never had a problem with assistance either on the phone or in person.
Rachel McKain
I have yet to try DTC TV, I just finished my contract with Directv, which I wasn't happy with, and went with a converter box, it's Okay but I would like access to more of a variety.
Linda Washington
To have Communication With Friends and Family
Connie Henry
We switched to DTC because they are local . If there is a problem it is handled by local people in a timely manner. They are very prompt in answering questions about whatever you need to know.
Johnny Gannon
DTC is just wonderful!
Rena House
They are starting to offer new services in our area.
Francis G. Kittrell
Friendly, hometown people and great service!
Charles E. Sain
Fast maintenance service!
Laura Mason
Because even when I have some problems they always seem to work with me and tellers are always nice.
Teresa Danford
Hometown Feeling
Angel Hernandez
Good phone service
Faye Driver
Good Phone Service
Lisa Peterson
The service is great and the employees that I've dealt with are very personable and helpful. It is wonderful to have hometown servie with a smiling face.
Cynthia Diane Carter
Great opportunties for employment for our community and no high fluttin prices like the other guys.....
Bobby Hall
If you have a problem, there is a real person who will take the time and listen to your problem and walk you through the steps needed to solve the problem.
Louise Brown
Just wanted to say “thank you” for my capital credit check. I have lived all over the country, and have never known a company to give $$ back to their customers. Really appreciate it!
Bessie Jones
I've been a member of DTC for over 30 years. It has always been here when I needed it. Thanks DTC
Curtis and Jean George
The staff at the office where we pay our bill are very nice and friendly and are always eager to help in any way that they possibly can. A smile goes a long way in my opinion.