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By using specially designed digital equipment provided by DTC, customers are able to enjoy digital television and music programming rivaling that of major cable and satellite companies, a technology known as IPTV.

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NOW available in Carthage and South Carthage - Call 800-653-1507 for details!

DTC TV provides the following enhancements:

Whole Home DVR Capabilites

Whole Home DVR allows you to record shows on one DVR and play back programs on any connected TV in your home. (certain restrictions may apply)

Improved Program Guide

Easier to read format - watch a program while you search the Program Guide

Expanded Menu Features and Operation

Setup multiple user accounts with separate favorite channels for each account.

Advantages of DTC TV:

  • Convenience of what is known in the entertainment industry as the Triple Play, in which Telephone, Internet, and TV billing and support are provided by a single company .
  • IPTV is the future of consumer video services because it provides an enormous opportunity for interactive features and the picture quality is amazing.
  • DTC TV provides on-screen Caller ID that allows you to determine whether or not you want to answer the phone without interfering with your TV viewing.
  • NFL Network enjoy the excitement of the NFL football games now on DTC TV channel 40 and in Hi-Definition (HD) channel 340.
  • DVR (Digital Video Recording) is available that allows you to record your favorite TV shows. With the sophisticated DVR box, you can also pause,rewind and fast forward through programs. Whole Home DVR will enhance your ability to record from one DVR box and enjoy your program from any connected TV! More About DVR
  • DTC3 is the exclusive community channel on DTC TV (channel 3) that airs local events such as High School Football games, Christmas Parades, County Fairs, etc. Customers can also place ads for one low price for Announcements, Birthdays or Anniversary wishes. Find out more about Placing An Ad on DTC3