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Capital Credits

Customers who have service in the DTC cooperative area are member-owners. Therefore, the money received from our members goes directly into reserves to operate the company, upgrade and expand services and implement new technologies. One of the benefits of your membership is earned capital credits, which are refunded periodically as our financial strength permits.

Capital credits accrue based on the amount Cooperative members pay for service during a particular period of time. As a member, you retain permanent ownership of these capital credit reserves, which are periodically refunded.

The DTC board of directors determines when to pay capital credits based on the cooperative's performance and financial strength. The amount each member receives is based on what each one paid for service (during the year designated for the refund) and will vary in amount from member to member.

Only those members who are in the Cooperative area and had service within the years designated for refund.

Capital credit refund checks will expire in 90 days. Please cash your check promptly.

Capital credit refund checks are mailed to the last known address on file for members. In order to ensure that you continue to receive your checks, please inform us of any change of name or address. To report a change of address, contact any customer service representative in our business office. After three years, capital credit refund checks that have not been cashed are sent to the State of Tennessee as unclaimed property.

DTC does not report capital credit assignmens or payment of capital credits to the IRS. Depending on your tax filing status, your capital credit refund may or may not be taxable. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.