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DTC Advanced Fiber Optic Service now available in Carthage and South Carthage city limits

DeKalb Telephone Cooperative (DTC) headquartered in Alexandria TN, is proud to announce the completion of the first phase of construction of an Advanced Fiber Optic network which is now available in Carthage and South Carthage city limits.

What began with people asking “Why can’t you provide service where I live” progressed into survey results that indicated the top reasons for the expansion into the Carthage area. “Customers told us they wanted to deal with a local company that could provide all their services.” stated Les Greer, CEO of DTC. “They wanted a local retail office and the ability to talk with someone in person. Service was another big request. They want to call for service and know their needs will be met in a timely manner”.

DTC plans to use the 59 + years of experience serving Coop members to expand as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) through DTC Advantage, a wholly owned subsidiary of DTC. The expansion will also generate revenues that will allow for the continuing development of the existing fiber network and keep rates affordable.

“Our commitment to bring cutting-edge technology over Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) or business will give customers the ability to access the Internet through true high-speed broadband, crystal clear telephone service and quality digital TV service at affordable rates with the same superior customer service we have been providing for years” said Gary Hancock, COO of DTC. “With a local full service Customer Care Center conveniently located at 126 JMZ Drive in Gordonsville, customers can come in to request service, ask questions, pay bills or just see what’s new. We look forward to serving our neighbors in the Carthage area and hearing comments like the one from our first customer in South Carthage:
“I have had DTC service for the past 17 years in Gordonsville and I have been pleased with my phone service. I then had internet connection through them but it was when I opened my business that I can say that I really know what customer service is all about. DTC is about making me, the customer, happy. I have just had the new fiber optic internet connected (in Carthage by the way. Yes they are here!) and I love it! It is faster than the provider that I had before and the customer service was way beyond anything that I have had with the other provider. They were here when I needed them. I am one happy DTC customer! Thanks guys” Tammie Crawford of Artwearz.