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Press Releases

DTC Showcases High School Football

ALEXANDRIA, TN, JULY 20, 2011: DTC TV is proud to announce their plans to LIVE WEB STREAM selected area high school football games this season on www.myDTC3.COM. “We are proud to announce that DTC Sports will be back in action this year to televise and LIVE WEB STREAM select high school football games,” said Ricky Gibbs, for DTC Communications. “ We are in our third year of broadcasting local high school football. Each year we have tried to expand on the year before. In year two we added instant replay and slow motion that was extremely popular with our viewers.

DTC TV Boosts HD Channel Line Up!

ALEXANDRIA, TN, July 6, 2010: DTC TV, continues to boost their channel line-up with the
addition of 31 new HD channels. The new HD channels are in addition to DTC TV’s existing
features including Whole Home DVR, On Screen Caller ID, and the exclusive local community
channel, myDTC3, which airs local events such as the high school football games, local fairs
and parades.

DTC TV Announces Whole Home DVR!

ALEXANDRIA, TN, March 4, 2010: Thanks to a service enhancement called “Whole Home DVR,” instead of needing multiple DVR boxes DTC TV subscribers, who have DVR, will be able to watch recorded programs on any of their connected TV sets. What was recorded in the bedroom can be watched in the living room and vice versa. A program can even be started in one room, paused, and resumed elsewhere.