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DTC TV Comments

Gary & Matt came out today to add DTC TV to my home after years of frustration with Direct TV. They were both very polite gentlemen and are to be commended. Gary even returned after I was unable to solve a problem which I had caused thru tech support. I am happy to say all is working and pleased with the congenial support.
Eric Tricas
We've had DTC for a month now after moving and switching from DirectTV. Love the fact that we had a huge storm come through and never lost signal which happened too often with DirectTV. Love the light up remote too!
Bridget Jones
I love myDTC TV! DTC is constantly making improvements to their TV services. They are local, so if you have an issue you are dealing with neighbors. Thank you DTC!
Frank Galovic
We have had the service for several months and only have some minor complaints which do not compare to Dish. Personally, since we don't have HD tv's don't care about the added stations. I do love the This channel. It has some of the great old tv shows from the 50's and 60's - love the cars in the shows.
Jeanie Tidwell
I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys how much we appreciate you. We lived in Lebanon for a little while, and we had to use Charter for cable and internet, and Bell South for phone. You guys FAR surpass those 2 companies in service and quality. Our cable and everything went out this past weekend due to a power outage, and I work from home most of the time... So, internet is very important to us! On Sunday (I couldn't believe it!), you dispatched an on-call worker from McMinnville, who drove all the way here and fixed us. Apparently it wasn't anything very involved. He was able to fix us at the road and didn't even come to the house. But, I just wanted you all to know how very appreciative we are that we have DTC service. Charter would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS done that to help us. Thank you for going above and beyond to help us get our service back. Thanks!!!
David Pitts
Lightning ran in on my router box and I was without DTC TV. I called on a Saturday evening late and within 30 minutes my service was restored. Special thanks to repair tech Shane from Smithville and to DTC for running a great co-op. I also like the one bill for phone, computer, and tv. Thanks again!
J D Wagner
With the December installation special and special price for 3 months I thought it would be a good time to try DTC TV. I was plesantly surprised by the very small reciever and also by the picture quality. The installer did a great job. Not having to worry about losing signal during a storm is a plus too. I now have phone, DSL, and TV service through DTC. I believe in supporting our local area businesses whenever possible. Thanks DTC!!
Rose Lea
I can now call DTC, myDTC totally! I just received DSL and DTC TV and I love it! I don't have to wait all day doing one job on the computer. The DTC TV is like having a TV and an on screen answering machine at the same time with the On Screen Caller ID. The picture is beautiful and I don't even have the HD package. I also have wireless service from DTC. All these services, from myDTC are great! Also when you call, you get an actual person and not some automated machine. I am thankful for all my DTC services and I appreciate the friendly local service.
Jane Gaither
It is great having phone service, internet service & DTC TV in one bill. I have always been treated with respect and very informative on any problems I have had. It is nice to be able to watch TV and the TV not go out whenever there is a storm coming thru like it did when I had Direct TV. Thanks so much DTC for all you do.
Debra Perry
Services are always working and does not go out in rainy weather.
Leah Snow
We absolutely love our DTC TV. We love being able to see our local events and weather and still get all the channels that we watched when we had "the dish"! :o)
Elizabeth Thornhill
Outstanding service! No complaints with services - services are great!
Amanda Lattimore
It's the Best TV service we've had. I love the DVR because we can record something and watch a different show at the same time.
Jerry Cooper
Fed up with Dish and Direct - with DTC you can talk to someone local.
Glenda Harris Davenport
The coverage of 8-21-09 football game at Cannon Co High School was Super!! NBC could not have done any better job. Well worthe the cost of advertising. Great job to all involved.
Pauline Taylor
The TV service is great!
Ruth Ann Spencer
Customer service is GREAT and they are there when you need them.
Kathy Reeder
The service is good and the staff are always willing to help in anyway they can.