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Advertise with DTC3

Advertising through DTC3 is an excellent way to reach viewers in our local community. DTC3 features items of local interest, including high school and youth sports, local events, local church programming and news from area chambers of commerce.

Five Ways to Advertise

  • Still Ads – These are 15 second still graphic only ads that rotate out among several other ads whenever video programing is not airing. WJLE and other radio stations provide the background audio during these ads. Your ad has the potential to play over 50 times per day with this option.
  • Video Commercial – These are usually 30 second spots aired during special programming such as sporting events, parades, and music shows.
  • Video Showcase – These are virtual video tours of your business. We will show up at your business and let you tell everyone about your business and your current specials. These can range from 2 minutes to one hour.
  • Airtime Purchase – This the option to buy blocs of airtime for your own programming. This is often used for churches to air their worship services to thousands of homes. This is also often used by those who have their own show ideas and want to get their shows on the air.
  • Time Weather Temperature – The TWT line receives about 4500 calls per ad per month from Cannon, DeKalb and Smith counties. This type of advertising ensures every caller will hear your message, since your 7-10 second ad airs before they are given the time and temperature information. Advertisers may change their ad monthly. Ads may be created specifically for special promotions or events.