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DTC Communications offers broadband Internet service to meet the needs of businesses large and small. From a single computer to entire networks, DTC provides affordable, efficient connections.

  • Reliable, won’t slow down in high-traffic times
  • Non-sharing, steady connection
  • No data caps
  • Metro E is available, allowing for connections to multiple sites
  • For complex network, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is available
  • We also provide web hosting

DTC is undertaking a massive effort to build fiber throughout our entire serving area. Construction of this magnitude will take time. There may be speeds listed that are not available in your neighborhood at this time, but will be. Please contact one of our customer service team to learn what’s available now. Speeds are best effort. All plans are up to speeds listed.

Business Plans


Up to 25M/3M$64.99


Up to 25M/3M$64.99
Up to 50M/10M$69.99


Up to 100M/100M$89.99
Up to 300M/300M$189.99
Up to 1 Gig$289.99