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Long Distance

Direct dial calling to anywhere within the USA

Business Plans

Total Reach 600600$19.75 (overage 10¢ per minute)
Total Reach 12001200$34.75 (overage 10¢ per minute)
Total Reach 30003000$74.75 (overage 10¢ per minute)

Basic Long Distance

$7.95 per month – 7¢ per minute

Per Minute Long Distance, No Monthly Fee

Call Location8am-5pm5:01pm-11:00pm11:01pm-7:59am
Calling in state15¢13¢10¢
Calling out of state26¢18¢14¢

No monthly fee

Toll Free / 800 Services

13¢ per minute

DTC Long Distance will assign you your own 800 number, which you can give out to whomever you choose.