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Inside Wire Maintenance

Inside wire maintenance protects your telephone service if you experience problems. For a very small monthly fee, DTC’s wire maintenance can help avoid costly and unnecessary repair charges.

  • Residential phone service wire maintenance: 99¢ per month
  • Residential full coverage wire maintenance: $2.99 per month

Inside wiring includes all inside wire running from the protective device (or network interface device), usually located in a box on the outside of your home or business, through your walls to the telephone jack or other connection device inside the various rooms of your house.

DTC Communications maintains all outside telephone cables and wires from the central office (our equipment) to your home or business. If your telephone does not work due to a problem in our outside wire or equipment, we will repair and restore the service at no charge.

Customers who do not have inside wire maintenance, however, and who experience problems caused by their inside wiring, customer premise, or customer-owned equipment (i.e., phones, fax machines, etc.) will be charged standard service fees for a technician to assess and diagnose the problem. Additional wiring charges will also apply to repair or replace the existing wiring.

Customers without wire maintenance protection are responsible for all charges including premise visit and hourly rates.

Tip: Customers should check their telephone if they experience problems. You may want to test the line by seeing if other phones in the house work, or by plugging a different phone into the line with trouble to see if it works. (This will give you an indication of whether the problem is your telephone, a specific jack, all the lines in your house, etc., and can help us isolate and pinpoint service problems.)

For additional information about wire maintenance protection, please call our office at 615.529.2955.