$29.99 per monthSafe Alert

The Safe Alert Console is designed for the way you live, giving you independence and peace of mind. With one touch to the emergency pendant or wristband sensor, you can call for help, 24/7. The console has several other features to help keep you safe. The system makes a great gift for someone who lives alone.

Portable Emergency Sensors

The Safe Alert system comes with your choice of a pendant sensor or a wristband sensor. Both portable sensors function up to 1000 ft. away from the console. Each console can be paired with several transmitters.

In Case of Emergency

In case of an emergency, pressing the HELP button on the console or activating one of your portable emergency sensors will place a call to the monitoring service. When your monitoring service receives the call, they will verify the nature of your emergency and dispatch help for you. If the console’s 2-way communications are active, the console will announce “Emergency reported, please stand by.” The monitoring service personnel can talk and listen to you through the console.

Operating Modes

The console has three modes: Home, Away, and Night. Each mode sets the console to act differently to match your lifestyle at different times of the day.

Activity Timer

To ensure that you are safe, you can choose to have up to two activity timers. With each timer, you need to check in within a specified time period to prevent an automatic alarm from triggering.

Reminder Messages

Five pre-recorded reminder messages can be announced by the console at set days and times.

These reminders include appointments, medicine, transportation, testing the system, and an alarm.

Temperature Alarms

The console has a sensor that monitors the temperature of the room. You can set the lower and upper limit of the acceptable temperatures, and the monitoring service will be alerted if the temperature goes above or below the preset limits.

Speakerphone Mode

The speaker on the console can be used to answer incoming calls. Both a button on the console and on the Portable Emergency Sensors can act as an answer/end call function.

Remote Call-In

Select people can be allowed to call the console with a 4-digit password. The caller can talk and listen to you through the console’s built-in speaker and microphone.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection*

Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide sensors can be set up to communicate with the Safe Alert Console so that in case of a dangerous fire or gas event, the alarm will trigger and the monitoring service will be alerted. *Additional charges may apply.