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Tech Team

Plenty of companies can provide you with internet access, and that’s about all they provide. DTC doesn’t stop there. We believe that providing truly great service means being able to assist our customers with all of their technology-related needs, including computer repair.

That’s why we formed TECH TEAM, a group of highly skilled, experienced techs with a knack for making things work. Having trouble connecting devices to your wi-fi? We can do that. Computer repair? Absolutely, we can do that. Computer virus removal? No problem, we can do that. Need to set up a network? Yes, we can do that, too. Whatever your question, Tech Team’s answer will almost always be, “We can do that.”

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New Computer

PC Tune Up

Let DTC improve the performance of your PC with a FREE tune-up. Our Tech Team experts will remove trial ware, adjust settings that could be slowing your PC down, and run a disk defragmentation and cleanup. Also included is remove of dust and dirt buildup.

New Computer Start Up

Bring your new computer in for an expert inspection. Our Tech Team will inspect external parts, ensure all hardware is working as it should, review the desktop display and set the time and date.

PC Set Up

Make sure your computer is set up correctly from the start with this service. Our Tech Team will install security software and remove unnecessary programs that bog down your computer’s performance.



With our diagnostic service, our Tech Team will check hardware, perform system analysis to identify any hardware failures or conflicts, and review software to identify any issues. Note: Additional fees will apply for any hardware repairs.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

If your PC is slow or acting funny, it could be due to pesky viruses. Let our Tech Team clean it up. Steps include checking the status of antivirus software and installing approved removal applications, if necessary. We will run a system and disk cleaner, registry cleaner, start up manager and auto run (if applicable). The operating system must have Windows 7 or newer. Bootable rescue and recovery CDs should be provided before work begins.


System Restore

The service covers a system restore for one PC. Customer must provide the certificate of authenticity or verification key (provided with every version of Windows) and restore CDs or the restore data must be partitioned on the hard drive. All information on PC should be backed up prior to bringing PC in for repair.

Data Transfer of Data Backup

Our Tech Team will transfer up to 10GB from one PC to another PC, external drive, CD/DVD drive, USB device, external media (provided by the customer), or online source (provided by customer).



Our Tech Team will install specified software on one PC. As part of the install, we will reboot the PC and test the software to confirm successful installation.

RAM Memory

Our Tech Team will install memory upgrades. As part of the service, we will test the system to confirm that the memory is recognized.


Our Tech Team will install drivers to expand the card/drive operation. As part of the service, we will verify PC is operational and, for network card installs, verify dial tone.

Hard Drive

Our Tech Team will install a new hard drive on one PC. As part of the service, we will install any software required to make the hard drive operational, excluding OS install or data migration, and verify PC is operational once the hard drive is installed.

Operating System Software

Our Tech Team will install a full or upgraded version of operating system software on one PC. It is recommended that customers have all data on the PC backed up before this installation.

We provide a Pick-up and Delivery Service for an additional $75.

For residential customers only. Hardware/software purchases not included.
A $65 per hour charge applies to on premise equipment setup (printers, routers, Roku, etc).
Travel time not included. Prices reflect DTC Service Area.