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Universal Remote Control Guide

Remote Control Program Codes

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Remote control guide.

Control a Live Program You Are Watching

  • Press PAUSE to pause the program for up to 30 minutes.
  • To resume watching, press PLAY. To catch up to live programming, press LIVE.
  • Use REWIND or FAST FORWARD to go back and forward. Increase speed of rewind or fast forward by pressing button again up to 4 times – x4, x15, x60 and x300. Press PLAY to resume normal play directly.

Find a Program To Watch

  • Press the GUIDE button.
  • Use the UP/DOWN arrows to move through Guide one channel at a time. Use PAGE + and PAGE – to scroll through the Guide a page at a time. To advance a day at a time, press the DAY + or DAY – buttons.
  • To exit Guide, press EXIT.
  • Press OK to view details on the program you are currently watching.
  • Press INFO to see what you are currently watching. Use the RIGHT/LEFT arrows to see what is coming up on that channel. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to see what is showing on other channels

Search for a Program

  • Press SEARCH (left arrow). Use arrow buttons to highlight each letter, pressing OK to select a letter. Use arrow to highlight SUBMIT, press OK or push Yellow button to start search.
  • To find the same show, press GUIDE. Select program you want to find and press Yellow button.

Record a TV Program or Series

  • From the program, press RECORD.
  • Choose if this is a one-time or series recording. Press OK. Series will record a whole season of that program. Customize your start and stop time along with what Folder to save it to. By default, recordings are saved to the All Recordings folder.
  • Select the REMINDER function if you want your TV to remind you when the program will air. You can set the reminder for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 minutes prior to program start time.
  • A red circle will display briefly to indicate the recording has been set.
  • Press STOP to stop recording at any time.

Schedule Future Program or Series

  • Press GUIDE, highlight the program you want to record and press RECORD.
  • Choose one-time or series recording. Press OK. Customize your start and stop time along with what Folder to save it to.
  • A red circle will display briefly to indicate the recording has been set.

Access and Manage Recordings

  • Press LIST. Use UP/DOWN arrows to choose folder and program.
  • Press PLAY.
  • At the end, you will be asked if you want to delete the recording. Choose YES/NO.
  • To delete saved recordings, press LIST. Find program you wish to delete and press the Red button.

TV Apps Menu

  1. Select MENU.
  2. Select APPS.
  3. Highlight the App you want to use and press OK.

Weather App

A window will appear on the screen with the most current weather data for the selected area. To receive weather information from a different location, select a new location within Settings. To access the Forecast, press the Green button. To view Radar, press the Yellow button, then Blue.

Games App

Select the app from the menu and a list of games will appear.


Press the Yellow button to view your Flickr photo albums. Use RIGHT/LEFT arrows to select the album to view. Press OK.

ManageMyTV App*

Perform Remote Control functions including changing the channel from your IOS or Android device

  • View and Search the TV Guide Remotely
  • Filter Channels on the TV Guide
  • Manage Recordings

*Not Available with all packages